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We are an eclectic team of highly-skilled and deeply passionate developers and designers working at the intersection of technology, innovation and human creativity. We provide a range of AI, automation, Machine Learning and development services.

Our bot platform, the Zebo bot platform, is a leading Facebook Messenger chatbot platform, serving 10s of 1000s of businesses world over. Our platform not only makes it incredibly easy to build Facebook Messenger chatbots regardless of the industry, it also provides for effortless integration with 700+ apps and leading ecommerce platforms for seamless digital marketing & management. Combining cutting-edge marketing automation technology with AI & Machine Learning, our platform further enables brands to form meaningful and personalized connections with their audiences.

Over the last 2 years we’ve focused on building tools that serves the needs of big and small businesses alike. So whether you’re an emerging brand just getting started with social media and digital marketing or an established company seeking a new way to connect with your customers and improve the user experience, we will help you exceed your goals!

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