At Zebo, we draw on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, to create custom chat bots for retailers and restaurants


Grow user engagement with your brand

Our conversational interface is personable, enabling you to form meaningful connections with your customers.

Drive sales

With our chat bots, your customers can order directly from their favorite messaging apps!

Effortless Growth

You: sit back, relax and watch your business grow. We will setup and manage the chatbot for you, as well as provide 365/24/7 support to your customers. Choose to receive orders through the chatbot any way you want: e.g. POS integration, sent to your app/website, our in-house dashboards


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The Zebo Advantage

AI with Human Assist



Ordering via messaging is easy fun and quick, driving sales for your business.  Use our lead generation tools to build a following and keep customers engaged!


Our AI engages with your customers, answering questions and providing support.  Automate queries, page postings & comment management to cut spending on social media managers


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The human touch is important! We use a mix of user-requested assistance and sentiment-intent analysis for seamless human takeover. Pause the AI and takeover yourself or let our 365/24/7 customer support handle it for you!

More reasons to Zebo

Increased brand uptake

Customers chat with Zebo like they may chat with a friend. The ‘friend’ persona creates rewarding personalized engagements which increases your brand’s popularity

Custom built for your brand

Our chatbots are built from scratch to reflect brand’s needs and authentic voice. Custom NLP.

Live analytics

Actionable insights: learn more about how users interact with your brand, user retention, demographics etc.

Universal compatibility

Zebo works on all devices and browsers, perfectly.

Personalized recommendation engine

Increase your marketing ROI by sending personalized messages and deals to customers. Re-engage inactive users

Multiple ways to receive orders

We can integrate with your website, app or POS system. Or choose to use our inhouse order processing platform

How it works


Zebo for your brand

Zebo is tailored to your brand's menu design, voice and needs. We work with you to understand and solve your pain points (e.g. too many phone orders, too few online orders). Zebo is also seamlessly integrated with your current ordering system so that orders come in the way your team is used to.


Zebo is setup on your brand's Facebook page or the respective messaging app's account. A widget is provided for your website so that customers can initiate a chat from your website as well.

Choose to use our call center services and inchat customer support or we will set it up for you on your end!


Start receiving orders!

Promote your bot to drive user engagement! Chat with your customers at scale. Want to improve ROI with facebook ads that open in the chatbot? Our marketing team is happy to help.

Better KYC, exponential growth

Use our analytics dashboard to gain a better understanding of your customer base run targeted ads. Win customer appreciation with personalized engagement. Upgrade to other messaging platforms to rapidly add multiple channels to generate sales from!

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