Black Friday deals at Zebo!

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The best Black Friday deal!
Make the most of the holiday season with a FREE chatbot & FREE setup of Facebook Messenger live chat on your website!


Looking for the best Thanksgiving deals for your business? Look no further!

At Zebo, this Thanksgiving, we’ll set up Facebook Messenger live chat on your website and create an AI chatbot with one automated sequence completely FREE! Phew! That’s a $500 value!

So don’t miss out on Zebo’s BIG Black Friday sale! 

Is it really free? And free forever?

Yes it is! Facebook’s Messenger live chat is free to use as is Zebo’s bot platform.

Do you provide support? How do I manage my chatbot later?

Yes! We provide free support. Our support channels are:


Phone/whatsapp: +1-650-441-4706


You can also schedule a free personalized training any time with our bot developers to learn how to build a chatbot and to manage your bot! Do check our docs and blog as well!

After your bot is ready you will be able to add and delete content, change the AI, send broadcasts to your subscribers etc. via your bot’s dashboard. You will also be able to clone it or build new chatbots for other Facebook pages!

What websites are you compatible with?

The live chat and free Facebook Messenger chatbot are compatible with all websites! Whether your site is made using WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Wix, Weebly, Bootstrap, Vue.js, HTML/CSS or any other platform/language, this is a fantastic value add for your business! 

What does one sequence mean?

One sequence is a series of questions your bot can ask or series of answers/information your bot provides to your customers!

Here are some examples of amazing sequences and succesful chatbots we’ve already built under this promo:

Collect and qualify leads

Drive ecommerce sales

Recommendation engine

Build a subscriber list on Messenger 

Build an email list

Provide customer support

Loyalty program on Facebook Messenger

Messenger marketing

Can I see examples? 

Check out 2 current viral chatbot sequences designed by Zebo below!

Beauty recommendation engine

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