Setting up the checkbox plugin

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What’s a checkbox plugin?

The checkbox plugin fits in seamlessly with existing forms on your site enabling you to add website visitors to your bot and followup with them in Messenger.

Pictured below is the plugin setup on an ecommerce checkout form

Setting up the plugin

The checkbox plugin is found in Growth Tools. Presumably you already have a bot setup, but if not, login to the Zebo bot platform with your Facebook and then select any template or click on Start from Scratch. Connect a page and then make sure to enter a Greeting Text and Save it.

We’re currently offer a free setup service so you can just click on Request setup or here and a Zebo pro will set it up for you for free.

1. If you’d like to set it up yourself, click on Self Setup

2. First whitelist your domain

3. Click the first Copy and paste this code in the body of your page. This is the Facebook Javascript SDK

4. Click the second Copy and paste this code where you want the checkbox to show.

For example, suppose you want to set up the checkbox plugin on your ecommerce store to follow up with customers in Messenger, as pictured above. To do so you would add the HTML code in the div which renders the “Contact Options” section of the website while making the JS code trigger when the user clicks the “Confirm” button. The bot  would then only message the user if they confirm their order.

Plugin behaviour

If a person is logged into Facebook in their browser or on their phone, their name and profile picture will automatically be displayed beneath the checkbox.

If the person displayed isn’t the person using the site, they can log out by clicking the “Not you?” link. They will then see a login dialog so they can login to their own account!

As of October 6, 2017, Facebook changed the default state of the checkbox plugin to unchecked. If you implemented the plugin before this date you will still be able to select checked as the default state.

If Facebook is not logged into, the plugin will not show a user identity. Clicking the checkbox though will prompt your site visitor to log in.

Always remember to comply with Messenger Platform policies and Facebook Community Standards. This includes ensuring your use of the plugin respects user privacy, and is compliant of applicable local laws and regulations e.g.GDPR.