Using Zapier to integrate your chatbot with any app, website, platform or tool

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Watch this video tutorial to see how to export your order / customer checkout data using Zapier to a webhook. Or scroll down for a written tutorial!

Step 1: Order alerts

To send customer checkout data elsewhere e.g. your app, a spreadsheet, your website, you will need a Zapier webhook. A webhook is essentially a url where your chatbot will send information and from where, you can then send it to any other location of your choice.

After you’ve set up your chatbot, head to Build > Ecommerce Settings and under Order Alerts select Zapier Webhook. Click Save. At this point, leave the webhooks text box blank as we haven’t created a webhook yet.

Step 2: Creating a Zap and webhook on

In a new tab, open Sign up for a free account, or if you already have one, login. Zapier has multiple tiers but for integrating your chatbot with your app, the free account is sufficient!


Click on Create a New Zap then in the search bar, below Choose a trigger app, type “webhook”. Select Webhooks by Zapier

In the next step choose Catch Hook and click Save + Continue.

You don’t need a Child key – Leave blank and click “Continue”.

Zapier is now giving us a webhook where your bot will send the customer checkout data. Copy the webhook. Don’t click Ok I did this YET!

Step 3: Paste webhook in Ecommerce Settings

Go back to the tab where you have Build > Ecommerce Settings open and paste the webhook in the text box for Zapier webhook under Order Alerts.

Don’t forget to save

Step 4: Generate a sample for your webhook

The next step is to generate a sample for your webhook by chatting with your bot. Since we need to export the order data, you need to add an item to your cart and checkout. Make sure you’ve got all the fields you need to send to you app, selected in Ecommerce Settings. You can always add new fields later and generate new samples.

Then open your bot in the Messenger app on your phone or and place an order.

Step 5: View your hook in Zapier!

If you went through the motions of placing an order, you should now have a sample hook in Zapier.

Go back to your open Zapier tab and click on Ok I did this. Zapier will then search for and pull up your hook! You can view your webhook if you want, which will the information you just entered in the checkout page.

Step 5: Choose where to send your order!

Some examples of the integrations possible: