Zebo’s free Ecommerce AI enables powerful conversation commerce for ecommerce chatbots

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Why Zebo’s Ecommerce AI?


After working with dozens of businesses on custom bots, understanding and addressing their pain points & then building out bots optimized for conversion, we translated our learnings into what we call our “Ecommerce AI” and decided to make it free for all. See, your customers want to talk to you, and they should be able to! However, while bots are easy to build, powerful conversational experiences not so much. Zebo’s Ecommerce AI just does that: it lets you build an ecommerce chatbot where customers can order by chatting- no technical know-how, programming, AI or Machine Learning skills required on your end!

How it works


The AI auto-creates keywords from text you enter in the Name and subtitle fields of Ecommerce Products and/or Carousels and Cards in your chatbot dashboard on the Zebo bot platform. As you can see below, in the subtitle the product is described as being good for “dry skin”


Thus, when a customer asks for a recommendation for a product for dry skin, your bot returns the Pure Clay Charcoal Mask.

Just go back to Build > Ecommerce Products and change/remove/add keywords based on the products you would like to return when a person asks for a recommendation. In the example below, the AI was used to create an recommendation feature for a fashion chatbot for world leading makeup brand, L’Oreal Paris.

The Ecommerce AI works at all times, so it’s not just for product recommendations. Here’s an example of a pizza place in San Francisco using Zebo’s Fast food template and Ecommerce AI to create a conversational delivery chat bot


How to get started


Use Zebo’s Ecommerce template to build your ecommerce bot and the Ecommerce AI kicks in automatically! The template supports easy import of products from all ecommerce sites, regardless of the CMS they are built on or programming language. Whether you use Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Etsy, Amazon, Magento, Jhomla, Open cart or any other not listed here – Zebo’s AI will build a bot for your shop for free.

Follow the instructions here, hire a pro or request support by sending us an email at


Taking it further


On a more advanced level, we can combine the Ecommerce AI with DialogFlow to create a responses for non’s i.e. items that are not part of your offering. Another combination, is Zebo’s Ecommerce AI + DialogFlow + store hours to return items only if they are available at the time. This is particular relevant if you are building a chat bot for a restaurant or fast food chain where items are not available for order 24/7. For something advanced like this, it’s best if you contact us for a custom chatbot


Not for you


If you find the automatic Ecommerce AI is not for you, you can always turn it off by going to Build > Automation in your bot dashboard

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