Free Facebook Messenger Chatbot Templates

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As a leading AI chatbot platform for Facebook Messenger, Zebo offers a range of templates, tools and features completely free! One of our most loved free features is our free chatbot templates. These chatbot templates make it super easy to build a great chatbot. Sign up here to start using these free chatbot templates!

We also offer free setup of the templates to help you get ahead of the competition! Claim that here!

The free chatbot templates!

1. The Facebook Messenger chatbot Ecommerce template

This template lets you make a Facebook Messenger chatbot completely free for your:

Shopify store

Bigcommerce store

Woocommerce store / WordPress site

Amazon store

Etsy store

AliExpress store

Any ecommerce website no matter what platform or coding language was used

Any store, it doesn’t have to an ecommerce site!

See how to use this template here OR get started using it!

2. The free Look book template for a ‘See & shop the look’ ecommerce Facebook Messenger chatbot

We love this template because it lets you sell ‘looks’. For example, in fashion ecommerce you’d have a model wearing a complete outfit and then your customers to shop all clothing and accessories belonging to that outfit. 

Some of the popular use cases of this template are: ecommerce chatbot, fashion or clothing store chatbot, makeup chatbot, furniture store chatbot, home store chatbot, Etsy store chatbot, Shopify chatbot, Bigcommerce chatbot & chatbots for Woocommerce stores!

Take a look at a Makeup See and the Shop Look chatbot made on Zebo below

shop the look ecommerce chatbot
Shop the look ecommerce makeup chatbot

3. The free restaurant chatbot template for Facebook Messenger

This free template can be used for restaurants, coffee shops and fast food chains. Start taking orders and reservations on Facebook Messenger in minutes!

4. The free lead generation chatbot template for Facebook Messenger

You can change the formatting or text of the questions and/or add your own. This template is just a sample of what you can build!

5. The free real estate agent chatbot template for lead generation & more!

6. The real estate team chatbot template for lead generation & more!

This template lets you make a user engagement, lead generation and marketing chatbot for your real estate business.  Take a look at this bot made for a leading real estate team in the Silicon Valley using the free template

7. Build from scratch!

You don’t need to use a template to build! The sky is the limit with what you can build from scratch! Here is an example of a quick rendition put together as a demo for a large laundry products manufacturer. The bot serves multiple functions: ecommerce, user engagement and a 365/24/7 assistant to so people can get instantaneous help on removing stains using the brand’s stain removal and laundry products

Let me know when new templates are released!

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