We make chatbots for all messaging platforms. 

Ordering should be interactive, convenient and hassle-free – as our chatbots make it!

…For the customer: no apps to download or update, no website pages to navigate, no forms to fill in. And, a complete in-chat experience

For you:

  • We code, set up and manage the chatbots for you.
  • The chatbot is integrated with your POS, website or app (optional)
  • Unlike a website or app where you have ongoing development and maintenance hassle, the chatbots are maintained by us.
  • We also offer 24/7 chat and phone support for you and your customers.
  • Live analytics dashboard





Zebo for your brand

We build a chatbot tailored to your brand's menu design, voice and needs. We work with you to understand and solve your pain points (e.g. increase delivery orders, social media presence, improve brand uptake). The chatbot is also seamlessly integrated with your current ordering system so that orders come in the way your team is used to. As an alternative, we can also provide technology at your end (free of cost) to receive orders from the bot


The chatbot is setup on the relevant messaging app e.g. Facebook Messenger. A widget is also provided for your website so that customers can initiate a chat from your website as well.


Start receiving orders!

We also provide you with analytics e.g. conversion rates, number of orders/day/week/month, amount of sale. Use our machine-learning driven platform to send out personalized messages and promotional offers to users.