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Ecommerce chatbot for McDonald’s

Technologies used: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing

Goals: grow online sales, better understanding of digital audience (via our analytics), automation of queries

As the largest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s receives hundreds of messages on it’s Facebook page everyday. At the same time, it has a fan following of 60 million+ which

Our chatbot enabled McDonald’s to take orders via Messenger as well automate queries, from questions about branch location & timings to jobs, interviews & promotional events. As Messenger i.e. messaging, offers a more conversational interface, customers also often messaged the brand complaints about delivery and food quality. We created a separate section within the chatbot for report complaints and stored all complaints in a database, where the McDonald’s team would be able to easily tag the complaint & quickly forward to the correct department

Orders processed (in 3 months) : 7000+

Messages exchanged & queries automated (in 3 months): 1 million +

Chat with this bot here: m.me/mcdonaldspk

Coupa Cafe ecommerce chatbot

Coupa Cafe is a family-owned Venezuelan coffee chain in Northern California.

Technologies used: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI

Goals: grow online sales

Chat with this bot here: m.me/coupacafePA


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