Troubleshooting common issues with chatbots

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Bot is not responding

Troubleshooting common issues with chatbots: did your bot suddenly stop responding or you find you're unable to connect a page?

Facebook has recently modified the way you manage and/or grant permissions to business integrations (the Zebo bot platform is a business integration). If you find

  • Your bot is not responding
  • Or you’re unable to connect a page
  • Or the page you want to connect to Zebo isn’t showing in your page list

Follow the steps below to resolve the issue in under 2 minutes. You can also contact our support here for help.

Checking permissions and granting access

1 First, ensure you are an admin of the page you want to connect to Zebo / make a bot for. Editor and Advertiser roles on Facebook unfortunately do not have the necessary permissions to be able to make bots. 

2. Access your Business Integrations here: or via Settings > Business Integrations

Facebook business integrations chatbot platform

3. Under the Zebo Bot Platform app, click ‘View and Edit’ 

4. Make sure all the permissions are toggled on. If any one is off, please toggle it on.

5. Furthermore, if it shows you a list of all your pages, you can select the ones you want to have show in Zebo. If it doesn’t show you a list of pages, then the permission has been applied to all of your pages.

6. Click SAVE

7. Now return to Zebo and refresh the page. Now when you try to connect a page or clone/copy an existing bot to a new page, the page should show in the list.

Facebook chatbot platform permissions and settings

Authorizing Zebo when you login with your Facebook account.

If that didn’t solve the problem, try this:

1. Log out of Zebo

2. Log in again with your Facebook

3. You will be redirected to Facebook and shown a few permissions to approve. Make sure all the toggles are on.

4. After you click Ok you will be redirected to Zebo and your pages should show now

Authorizing Zebo when you login with your Facebook account.

General rule of thumb for every subsequent login to make sure your Facebook pages stay connected to your chatbot and Zebo

As a general rule of thumb, make sure the permissions are toggled on and relevant pages selected every time Facebook puts you through this reauthorisation process.

Authorizing Zebo when you login with your Facebook account.

If you find your bot is still not responding, or you are still not able to see your pages (or a particular page) in your page list in Zebo, please open a support ticket here and we will resolve this for you as soon as possible.

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